Middle East Technical University, Institute of Marine Sciences, TURKEY
Redox chemistry is central to the predicting the future of Turkish Seas: Oxygen, nitrogen, iron and manganese cycling in the permanently anoxic Black Sea and the rapidly deoxygenating Marmara Sea
Bruker Daltonik GmbH, Bremen, Germany
Combination of targeted and non-targeted workflows for the identification of pollutants in river water using a passive sampling method.
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Malodorous Compounds As Environmental Pollutants In Urbanized Areas
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Cyanotoxins in fresh water. New trends in identification, occurrence and treatment
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Climate changing, water and our future
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Designing nanoplatforms for practical SERS applications in aqueous environment
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In Vitro Study on the Interaction Between Glutathione, Arsenic and Selenium
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Investigation of water pollution and environmental risk occurred by pharmaceutically active compounds
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The Biouptake and Toxicity of Arsenic Species on the Green Microalga Chlorella Salina in Seawater
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Are Graphene based Aerogels Remedy for Environmental Concerns?
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Remediation of organic aromatic pollutants: enzymatic treatment versus adsorption
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Advances in mass spectrometry to study speciation and bioavailability of metals and nanoparticles in the environment