Prof. İzzet ÖZTÜRK

Professor İzzet OZTURK was born in 1954 in Karabük Eflani. He graduated from Karabük Demir Çelik High School in 1972 and entered Istanbul Technical University (ITU). He graduated from at this university as an civil engineer in 1976. He left the Department of Engineering at Sakarya University in 1977 as a specialist. On the same date, he started his career as an Assistant in Environmental Sciences and Technology Department at ITU. He received his Master of Science Degree from the High Construction and Environmental Engineering Department of Istanbul Technical University in 1979 and PhD in 1982. Between 1982 and 1984 he completed his post-doctoral studies at the Environmental Engineering Department of Newcastle University, England. In 1987, he received the title of Associate Professor in Environmental Sciences and Engineering. In 1994, he was awarded with TÜBİTAK Scientific Research and Incentive Award. Then he was appointed to the position of professor at the Department of Environmental Engineering at Istanbul Technical University. He has international expertise in the areas of water and wastewater treatment, integrated water basin management, integrated solid waste management, airless treatment and industrial pollution control. He has more than 200 scientific publications, 5 books and a great number of research / application project report. Prof. Öztürk, who is a member of Turkey Academy of Sciences (TUBA) and the principal members of the International Water Association (IWA) and the Water Pollution Research Turkish Chamber of Civil Engineers National Committee (SKATMK) currently provides consultancy services to many public and private sector organizations. He speaks English fluently is married and has four children.

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