Prof. Alexander ZACHARIA, I. I. Mechnikov Odessa National University, Ukraine

     “Analytical Chemistry and Chemical Weapons:  As-content CW determination. The state of art

Prof. Francois GALGANI, IFREMER, French Institute for Research and Exploitation of the Sea, France

     “Plastic and Microplastics In The Oceans: From Science to Policies”

Assoc. Prof. Vittorio BOFFA, Aalborg University, Denmark

     “Advanced Membrane Materials and Technologies for The Abatement of Emerging Water Contaminants”

Prof. Ahmet Cemal SAYDAM, Hacettepe University

     “Intra-Cloud Chemistry of Desert Dust”

Prof. Mustafa SOYLAK, Erciyes University

     “Green Chemistry Applications: Green Solvents In the Mixroextraction Studies”

Prof. Anatoli DİMOGLO, Düzce University

     “Electrochemical Approaches In Wastewater Treatment Processes”

Prof. Caner ZANBAK, (B.EN.A), Balkan Environmental Association, Vice President

     “Safety and Security In Chemicals Management”


     “Environmental Effects of Plastics and Plastic Wastes in the Regional Seas (Waste Free Oceans – PAGEV)”

Ali RÜZGAR, BUTEKOM (Bursa Technology Coordination R&D Center)

     “Environmental Assessment of Textile Sector through Life Cycle Analysis and Good Practice Examples”

Hasan Hüseyin ÇAYAN

     “Chemical Warfare Agents, Usage, Effects, Decontamination and Analysis”