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Prof. Dr. Yadollah YAMINI


Yadollah YAMINI

Prof. Dr. Yadollah YAMINI

Tarbiat Modares University, IRAN

Analytical Chemistry

Yadollah Yamini was born in 1968 in Dizajkhalil (Shabestar, Iran) and obtained his B.Sc. from Mazandaran University (Babolsar, Iran, 1990), his M.Sc. from Tarbiat Modares University (Tehran, Iran, 1992) under supervision of Dr M. Ashraf Khorassani, and his Ph.D from Tarbiat Modares University (1996) under supervision of Prof. M. Shamsipur. He has been a faculty member of Tarbiat Modares University since 1997 and was promoted to Professor in 2006. Professor Yaminis research involves the development of sample preparation methods based on elimination or reduction of organic solvents such as solid phase extraction, supercritical fluid extraction, solvent microextration, solid phase microextraction, electromembrane microextraction, supramolecular solvent microextraction and lab on a chip. He is referee of manuscripts for more than 60 different ISI journals. Professor Yamini is member of editorial board of Mircochimica Acta (Springer) and Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry Research (Iranian Chemical Society). He has published more than 371 scientific articles in ISI journals (15 of them are review articles) and also has more than 314 presentations in different Seminars and Conferences. He supervised 60 MSc and 27 PhD students. He teaches 7 subjects for BSc, MSc and PhD students. Also he wrote a chapter entitled (Environmental applications of cloud-point extraction) from Comprehensive Sampling and Sample Preparation which was published by Elsevier in 2012.


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